Douglas Tobin has been coaching both recreational and competitive bike riders for the past 16 years.  In addition, he is the Founder, Director, and Senior Coach of the Boise Young Rider Development Squad (BYRDS), and has coached youth cyclists in the Treasure Valley for the past 13 years.  Douglas Tobin has been actively bicycle riding and racing for the past 31 years, having competed in both domestic and international competition.  In addition to cycling, Douglas has an extensive background in baseball, inline skating, and all aspects of skiing.


Coaching and training plans are available for the:

  • Recreational Cyclist

  • Endurance Cyclist

  • Competitive Cyclist

  • Youth Cyclist

Douglas builds plans based on the riderç—´ goals, past and current cycling experience, and available time to train.  An initial coach to rider meeting is required to establish the riderç—´ current state of fitness and establish training objectives.  

A good plan helps you reach your goals; a great plan helps you exceed them!

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